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Importing images into Peeranha?

When I attempt to import an image I simply get a weblink code box.

So firstly - how do I go about saving the image to the web to then import? (I have noticed SteemChurch parishioners already doing this with Golden Censer questions - smarties )

Secondly - will we eventually be able to directly import an image file?


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I use imgur, to post public images. Then i copy the link and post it here. It's a simple 3 steps process. Imgur allows you to post images without even creating an account. I also like the way it works because it means loading time wouldn't get longer for pictures stored on the same server.

I have also tried importing images but face with the problem. I hope we will be able to import image directly as soon as possible in order not to go through a complex route

I think its not really operative. I usually import to a steem Dapp then copy the link here.

Excellent to be able to observe images in Peerahna.

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