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Is STEEMCHURCH impacting on your life?

Since I joined steemchurch I have had great relationships, met fine people I would not have met anywhere else. We shared Christian views and learned together. Here on peeranha we can relate one on one, share and create.

How has STEEMCHURCH impacted on your life?

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This wonderful family called steemchurch has made so much positive impact to my life!
I have been greatly inspired by the write-ups of the members of this church and peeranha platform! my reading and writing spirit have been revived! I love it here.

i am glad i have landed my feet on peeranha and that my name will enter the steemchurch community register. i have been having quality times on steem and Telegram . on steemit, blog.

Well aside from what you mentioned Victor, I don't get much sleep now. But wouldn't change this for the world.


Yes, I must say. My life has been so impacted by Steemchurch. Meeting the wonderful people in this family is already a great testimony. Above all, we share love.

Steemchurch has given me an opportunity to reach the world. I have also been given opportunity to get acquainted with blockchain Technology which has come with inumerable blessings.

this awesome family has affected my life in more ways than one. I'm glad I came to be a part.

The impact it has caused in my life has been because I can bring others to Christ and also those who are already in the way of the Lord who may have the opportunity to comment on the word, share it with others and at the same time gain benefits that will help you financially.

Being a part of Steemchurch has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. It has contributed to my life in so many ways

Steemchurch, has been a great blessing in my life and my family. I am a woman of low economic resources but with great faith in God and belief in her word, finding a church in application and blockchain is wonderful. I feel blessed and updated.

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