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dStor tokenomics

Is there already any detailed reading about dStor tokenomics?

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We have done a lot of in-depth modeling about the economics of dStor that we will publish when we release the dStor documentation. There is not really any tokenomics of dStor because it does not use a dedicated token. We use the Telos system token, TLOS, for receiving payment and making payments to storage node operators, but it will be easy for them to exchange these for other tokens or use the Telos platform swap functions to put tokens into another form so it's mainly just a payment and permission gateway.

The dStor system only works if the storage node operators are profitable, so have put a lot of care into making it a good ongoing source of incremental income for people already running computer infrastructure (particularly given how easy running a storage node will be). We believe it will be a much more stable and better paying alternative or adjunct to PoW mining, but without the rapid drop off in earnings.

  • vandresicon176NewbieFeb 1, 20:38
    Thank you very much, Douglas. dStor looks very promising. I hope we can start using it soon.
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