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Steemchurch Membership

In the not too distant future, we will grant the official membership of Steemchurch, since the Bible clearly states that a Christian must belong to a visible and local representation of the body of Christ, in this case our location for now is virtual, membership in the Church is also valuable. for organizational purposes. It is a good way to determine who is authorized to vote in important church decisions and who is fit for official positions in the church. What benefits do you want to include as a member of the church in the blockchain ecosystem?
1.-The spring of heart.
2.-Interaction with the goldencenser or some other activity.
3.-Place in the functional organization chart.
4.-another benefit.

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one cardinal benefit i would propose is the purpose of edifiying one another, building our faith through individual testimonies and

If we avoid steemchurch as a worldwide Christian movement, the logical thing is to establish membership, this will help us to work in this ecosystem in an organized way, with responsibility, knowing that being a member of the best church in the world and the first of the blockchain will have us tangible benefits, such as creation of employment opportunities.

Very expectant of those days to lay hold our identity as a church of love and freedom for families. I'll gladly frame them to my archive.

I would love that it could be established as a representation of the body of Christ in a local and visible way because we would be demonstrating love to others by reaching many so that they can have the opportunity to experience the change that only God can make in our lives, as our Lord said. Jesus Christ, the first commandment is similar to the first one, we must love each other but that our actions what we can do for others reflect it, working with families would be something extraordinary

Parishioner Portal and Parishioner Profiles! 😀

With datafeeds from Telos and Peeranha and other Telos apps.


Thank you Lord, for the nights you turned into mornings, the friends that you returned to family and the dreams you made come true. But above all, thank you for taking care of me and mine every day.

You should also bring welcome messages, personalize the church as such.

It would be interesting to be able to reconnect from the country is a member of Steemcurch, to create an international approach. On my part I know some colleagues from Venezuela and Nigeria.

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