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Has God been faithful to you?

In some few hours, the month of January will be over. God has been really faithful in all facets of life and in all ramifications, i can boldly say that God is too faithful to fail me. I don't know about you. What do you have to say

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Yes, God has been really faithful to me and my family. January was really an awesome month. I praise God!

God has always been and was faithful from generation to generation.

Absolutely God is faithful, his word does not change we must go to this source so that we can be full of life and receive the blessings that God brings to us every day, of course we will go through moments of trial and that is where our faith must be maintained aloft

I say a big thank you to the Almighty God for being a partaker in the Land of the living . I love you Lord for loading me with your benefits.

Too faithful to be ignored.
Blessed be the name of the

God's faithfulness to me is unfathomable!
The unseen and seen battles fought for us, the provision of all that we need, the protection all round granted, and above all the unmerited gift of life given now and eternally assured in future through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.!

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