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How many have you invited to peeranha?

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This platform is particularly distinct and unique. We all have a hand in promoting it.

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I am afraid I did not invite anyone yet. The layout of topics could use a little more structuring and I am not happy with how the text input works.

  1. Text input is slow.
  2. The preview window often does not match the input text.
  3. Autocorrect does not work.
  4. Editing after posting fails to change anything regularly.

I hope this will be improved in subsequent versions.

So far, I have introduced and brought just one person to the platform. However, I look forward to inviting more persons.

I ran a 24-hour mini contest that brought in at least 20 new registered users to Peeranha. I've also posted several times in Telegram and Twitter. I would like to see Peeranha reach the 1,000 user mark in the next month or so.

I think that SirKnight and Darlenys of SteemChurch probably have the record for bringing in the most new users so far!

am looking forward to bringing as many people as possible from

Nothing to see yet