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What is the extent of your faith in God?

Sadly, we see many believers deviate from God's ways when faced with challenges.

This shows the level of their faith and trust in God. Always trust in God.

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It is quite true that many believers have very little or no faith in God. They tend to deny God at the slightest show of challenges. Challenges and problems will always come but it is in our place as children of God to trust Him to see us through.

Let's constantly put our faith in God and depend completely on Him.

absolute faith! totally depending on Godfor all want.

Amen, if our trust is set in nothing and no one can snatch us out of God's love, God is good all the time

Absolute i would say. This is the faith we show off in line in the will of God. Many times, this faith may demand that we accept just what God offers us.

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