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How can we avoid downvote abuse?

How can we avoid downvote abuse in peeranha?

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Currently, to downvote a question/answer it is required to have at least 100 rating, which is, including with 10 rating points for registration, 18 upvotes for question or 9 upvotes for answer (you may recognize more combinations, but I said the easiest ones). If we talk about some kind of fake accounts - moderators see that there is any rating abuse, they delete the question/answer and all the rating that was gained by upvotes is removed. Plus, if a user downvotes a question/answer they also lose 1 point of rating, so at some point users that downvote can also get to 99 rating points and be prohibited from downvoting.

Based on what I said above, it is not worthy to lose your time to abuse downvotes. IMO if somebody get downvotes, that means a question/answer isn't good for certain community (e.g. "How to cook a fish" in Telos community) and users have all the rights to downvote it as a punishment (-2 points for each downvote).

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