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What is true love and Can true love be extinguished?

This question came to my mind when i wrote a poem on love extinguisher.
If a husband or wife says he loves his wife or husband respectively so much, could unfaithfulness drive the love away?
If a mother loves her child can stubbornness, lies, etc. Extinguishes that love.

Can true and genuine love be extinguished?

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True love does not seek fault, is not resentful, does not look out for its self.

True Love is when you give out what you dont have for people to have succor in life.

Gods love can not be separated from us irrespective of situations.
True love is

I disagree with the other answers.

Love can indeed be extinguished and must be refueled regularly. Biblical history has demonstrated over and over that even God's love for mankind has limits. He does grow impatient at poor behaviour and knows that a time does come when you simply have to start over.

Do not take love for granted. Not the love of your spouse, parent, child or even God.


This is what I think about true love, not the passing emotions we confuse with love:

Reina Valera Gómez
Sing of the songs 8: 7
The many waters cannot quench love, nor will the rivers drown it. If man gave all the goods of his house for this love, they would certainly despise him.

When Satan tempted Jesus in the desert he showed him all the kingdoms of the earth and the evil of man, yet the unlimited and unconditional love of the messiah was greater than the betrayal and said: it doesn't matter, I still want to die for them, none of us deserved that sacrifice, and it was for love.
Eros love may happen, but agape love that is eternal love will never happen.

I think that not everyone comes to know love, and that love is the verb made flesh: Jesus!

True love is a nature. It is not something that can be extinguished. Yes spouses can offend each other but if they truly love each other, they'll always find a way of reconciling.

True love never dies!

No, and I believe love is the most powerful force not only on Earth, or our Galaxy, but the Universe.

True love is an unconditional type of love. It lasts forever!

The question needs to be understood before it can be answered. love should be true, else it's not love.

Can true love be extinguished? YES!

Take love like your cooking stove, you can light it up, and as well extinguish its light. there are thing that you must avoid in order to make your stove work fine; avoid pouring water or sand knowing that they can extinguish it.

In the case where your stove has been extinguished, you can still light it up by doing the needful which might cost you a lot depending on the damage that followed the extinguishing process.


True love is that love which adds value to the loved and wants everything goo. Amongst this include chastisement, discipline. True love can be quenched when constantly grieved.

Thanks for this wonderful question.

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