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If I may ask, why do you go to church?

I have come across people that only goes to church when the are in one need or the other, some goes to church when the are face with one problem, sickness etc.
Some go to serve God.

And i have also met people that say the needless of them going to church, that they are far of better of than church goers.

What is your humble take on this

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Foremostly, the Church is the body if Christ Jesus. Hence, the church represents the convergence of different gifts, talents and endowments for the united actualization of Christ's goal of reconciling men back to God. For me, attending the Church is to offer myself and giftings to accomplish the above essence.

  1. To fellowship with other brethrens and spur each other up.
  2. To give corporate worship and adoration to God.
  3. To be taught the word of God.

et al.

I go to church to be edified and be encouraged.
I go to church to edify others and encourage them too.

we go to church to be connected to each other. the church is a spiritual block used in building its members

To reverence and worship God!

God is in everyone that has allowed him in, and when I go to fellowship with one another in those blocks, I expect to see God in each person; thats the manifestation of each part that supplies to the body.

It like peeranha.io, you need to be here to benefit from my coming here too, we grow together, yet reputations are proportional to individual engagement. while going to church, I shouldn't be selfish, I should be there with eagerness to help someone grow through all the tools available.

At the end of the day each of us shares the proceeds of fellowshipping together.

This is more reason why I should not give up on SteemChurch.


Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word of The Living God. To feed my spiritman, to fellowship.
I recently ran across a article called 911 faith. The author, told how many, including himself at times had 911 faith. When an emergency arises, Lord! Lord! He went.on to write, how there are good examples of the faith we should pursue in the

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