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What is your anticipated worth of PEER tokens relative to TLOS and $?

We hope that PEER tokens would soon be on the exchanges, what do you expect when that happens?

Me: 1 PEER = 1 TLOS = $0.1

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Like you told me some days ago, keep acquiring more PEERs, don't worry about the price. It will pump and we'll all smile.

It would be great to see PEER on exchanges!

1 TLOS = 10 PEER

One to one hey - big call... but why not?

I might hold off on providing my final answer now as I am waiting to see the PEER use cases before making a fair value assessment.

In the meantime however, I will try to round up as many as I can.



As you know, there are no fixed prices or value for these tokens. They keep pumping and dipping.

So, one cannot boldly say any figure.

The good part is that PEER tokens must be earned. But the unknown part us what PEER can be used for. Tipping perhaps?

I would love earning PEER here and giving tips in the Telos Telegram chat if PEER will actually be worth a few cents.

Nothing to see yet