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What is your Question-to-answer ratio on Peeranha?

Let's see how may questions against answers that you are giving on Peeranha. Some people are just asking and do not care to engage with answers

Mine is 32: 60 as at the time of this question

I've answered as much as double the number of.questions i ask.

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At the moment, my ratio is ratio 1:3

29 to 114, no make it 115 😉

Good day to you Brother U.


  • Uyobongicon2,368ResidentJan 30, 11:43
    This is awesome. You have set another target for me. First was attaining residency in Peeranha. See you😄

5:19 as at the time of this answer

Mine is 4 is to 38! The margin is really large.

At the moment 3 / 13 I'm not even a newbie yet ^_^

Mine is 22 questions to 45 answers as at the moment. 22 to 45.

Where can I find this rating?

Questions 15 : 50 Answers.

Nothing to see yet