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Quickly boosting one's reputation.

Tell me, is it better to give or receive?

With this in mind, who will grow their Peeranha reputation faster, one who gives (answers questions) or receives (asks question)?

I put to you, if you want to be highly successful here at Peeranha, or in life - you must give 4-5 times as often as you receive.

So are you attempting to answer at least 4 questions for every question you ask?

Or am I wrong?


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Yes, the reward system in Peeranha as I have discovered is the level of engagement we give to people's questions. Being able to answer as many questions is how we grow better. Besides rewards for answers' vote are more than that for questions.Thanks Sirknight for always calling our attention to this sensitive things.

it is more rewarding to give than to receive. Peeranha is a good case study.

when you answer question you get more rewards than asking one. going through the FAQ explains better

I just discovered this recently and I am poised on answering as many questions as I can.

So, it's more profitable to answer

  • Smart thinking Tom. Peeranha is designed to reward those who give the most of themselves in the service of others. For this reason it will be highly successful. SK.

Thank you Sirknight for this question. Givers are happier and so it shall continue to be. Anyone who refuses to give and always expecting to receive would only forever remain an object of pity.

I hope many would learn here.


Thanks for this question and info, this suits me as I'm a giving person.

Yeah givers are better off than the receiver
We should desists from being only at the receiving end.

I have also noticed that engagement and consistency is required on this platform.
You cant be receiving upvote from others a s refuse to spread your own upvote across.

So i say again its better to be a giver than being just at the receiving end.


You are not wrong SK. Above all giving and receiving is the life style of steemchurch parishioners. This is biblical. Jesus Christ gave his life first for us all. Giving is receiving.

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