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How do you do the work of God? Goldencenser challenge #28

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain. [NIV Corinthians 15:58]

Our labour in the Lord is not in vein. He want us to fully give ourself to His service. How well are you doing God's work?

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It is important to do the work of God with our whole heart. God does not owe anybody anything thing. we will get the reward of our work for God here on earth and in heaven.

Do the work of God: love mercy and justice, love our fellow men and preach the gospel to every creature, making disciples in all nations ...
we are steemchurch

I know you'll love how our master Jesus Christ answered this question of yours from the scriptures.

John 6:28-29 (KJV)
Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

When one believe in Christ, then can he surrender to Jesus to live through him fulfilling God's perfect will.

Hope my answer helped.


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