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Hackathon portion of DACathon!

Here is information about the upcoming Hackathon presentations which begins at:
2/01/20 2 p.m. UTC / 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET

Watch live at https://zoom.us/j/177570552

We are very lucky to have this talented and expert group of individuals judging the presentations. The judging criteria is outline in the Hackathon Rules document.

Here is the current list of Judges:
Luke Stokes from eosDAC, FIO & EOS Foundation
Yves La Rose from EOS Nation
Syed Jafri from EOS Cafe
Fred Krueger from Lynxchain | Lynx Wallet
Kurt Braget from Chirp.la
Dimitri Nikolaros from bountyblok.io
Ben Sigman from Sense and shEOS

ALSO, there will be a MetaDAC Choice Awards and we need YOU to vote! Once the presentations are over, we will post the form in https://t.me/dacathonhack for people who watched the presentations to vote. Using the criteria outlined in the Hackathon Rules, each voter will assign up to 10 points for each project and the project with the most points wins!

Meanwhile, teams are working diligently to prepare for the presentations, which will include 4 minutes of presenting, 4 minutes of a demo and 4 minutes of Q&A.

Teams are adding supporting materials in the Hackathon Entries Google Drive Folder. (Click and request access, if you cannot yet view the folders.)

Prize rewards for the top 4 team projects include EOS, TELOS, BOS, KROWN, eosDAC, VIGOR and DACDAC tokens.

More information will be posted here during the next few days:

#DACATHON2020 #Hackathon #MetaDAC #EOSIO #Community

Registrants and the public have been invited to view the presentations, which will also be recorded and shared publicly. We hope to see you in Zoom during the presentations!

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