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How do you add tags that are not on the suggestion list?

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When asking a question, you have the suggested tag box below the review box, (with about 6 options) how do you enter other choices?
On the left below communities is another tags section, but if you go there whilst writing a question you loose what you have typed

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Each community has its own tags that are related to it, so when asking a question you can't choose another community's tags.
If you think that community has a lack of some kind of tag, that could be related and useful, you can go to Tags section and suggest one. You'll need 10 positive votes to publish the tag for a community.
Think about a name and description (take a look at existing tags), make sure it is unique and makes sense. Otherwise, users may vote negatively, it will lead to deleting the tag from voting and you lose 50 rating points.

Thank you for the info, sometimes I feel certain questions could be answered by more then one community

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