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Do you know The School Prostitution?

Spiritual prostitution can manifest itself in several ways:

  • A particular attraction for an activity. For example: It may be a regular habit to check horoscopes to plan your day.

  • A particular appeal to an individual. For example, we consider the words of a person above those to whom God communicates.

  • A particular grip on one thing. It can be a piece of jewelry that is not undone and to which a particular protection value is granted.

You will be surprised to learn that prostitution even touches Christians, and it is not about people who are traveling and selling their sexual services, it is about spiritual prostitution, which is very far from sexual. Rather, it refers to those who have decided to turn to other gods, vain things, by committing this or any abomination.

Tell me what you know about spiritual prostitution.


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Never thought about it in this term Christo. For me it has always been simply...

  • Do not worship false idols.
  • Money is root of all evil.
  • Do not covet thy neighbours possessions.

Good question.


Thrilling question.

I've know this term 'spiritual prostitution' as Idolatry.

Following other gods.


Nothing to see yet