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What does it mean to mourn?

Matthew 5:4
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

For a believer, mourning could mean the following:

  1. Being sorrowful over sin commited
  2. Being sorrowful for inability to meet up with the expectations which God has over our lives
  3. Being sorrowful over our spiritually fruitlessness

What is the meaning of mourn according to this verse?

Answers 3

for believer, mourning could mean the following:

  1. being sorrowful over failure in our responsibilities and commitment towards God and His work
  2. being sorrowful over our struggle regarding holy living
  3. being sorrowful over our struggle in the place of prayer and study of God's word
  4. being sorrowful over the lost of God's glory and presence

and so on...

Mourning to me means to grieve, so when the bible says blessed are those who mourn for the shall be comforted, that means blessed are those who grief, for the shall be comforted.

So whether you are mourning for a love one that is dead, or a lost property, or a lost opportunity, or anything at all, Jesus said such people will be comforted.

Hope my answers suits what you want?

For me, mourning here could be those that are broken about their sinfulness and are hungry for the help of God.

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