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I got IvanonTech to mention Telos DSTOR AWS on livestream & he said "We arent there yet" Response?

I mentioned Dstor on this live stream and I need you all to respond to Ivan on tech tell him why telkos and dstor can compete with AWS because EOSIO just really is there, Ivan is just a shill for ethereum and hes blind to what EOSIO is about so we need to have a campaign to woo him, ive emailed him and even offered to help him do a worker propsoal to get him some telos live on the show


Lets get an Ivan on tech Douglas horn and Peeranha Interview ,

My question is how will you respond to Ivan on tech the popular crypto youtuber saying that we just arent there yet in response to me saying we DO have AWS service on telos, when he mentioned AWS. He seems to need an education on EOSIO, and not simply write off ALL of our acomplishments as just being "centralized" when he really just is equating decentraliztion with proof of work, while ethereum is moving to proof of stake anyway.

Its really annoying me how he just brushed off our ability to scale and have the most transactions in EOSIO, and they will claim we had to compromise to achieve this, he just wants to maintain his position without holding any merit but marketcap while we have the smartest money . Smart COntracts for smart money #dstor

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The question is a little hard to address and a little odd to me. While I'm definitely in the show don't tell camp, I think it's careless to suggest that dStor, which is just starting to enter into its closed alpha stages, is anywhere, let alone "there yet" in comparison to technology that has had 14 years of real world refinement.

If you were to ask me is IPFS as a technology "there yet", I would ask you what problem are you trying to solve? I think a better formulation of the question would be "Do you consider IPFS a mature enough technology to use it in a production environment?". My answer is yes.

Which extends to: "Do you consider dStor a mature enough technology to use in a production environment?". My answer here is always going to be the same: it's called the cutting edge for a reason. One of my conditions to bring dStor out of beta is to be able to confidently answer that question with a yes, but with all pre-release software, no, of course it's not "there yet". If it was "there yet" it would be "released software" not "pre-release software".

I really believe in "Show don't tell" and we will be able to show that dStor really is there soon. So why argue over it now when we can prove it very soon?

reminder: very soon == aren't there yet.

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