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Question and answer (How can we better friends?

Most people around us today; in our churches, offices, neighborhood etc, outwardly looks beautiful/handsome, friendly, intelligent and gregarious, but beneath these charming exterior lurks crippling despair which have made them feel worthless most times!
They feel life will be better without them. They have embraced death as a friend and not as an enemy anymore. They have thought of committing suicide many times, not with the intention of ending their lives but to end their pains and sufferings!
Even when it issaid that suicide is a permanent way of ending a temporary challenge!
Most worrisome is the lack of true friends today even among the christians. It is rather filled with unfriendly friends, who hears you out and turn to mock you and make you the subject of every their discussion!

My question is how can we be better friends especially in the household of faith?

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First of all I want to that friendship is a two way relationship. It takes two to tango.

The disappointment we feel in friendship sometimes comes when we expect too much from the people we have chosen to be in relationship with. Hear this,

"Blessed is he who expects nothing for he will never be disappointed".........Victor.

Finally, let us learn to apply wisdom in choosing our friends.


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