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What is your idea about a dapp like Gamee on TELOS?

Hi dears,
I just want to know your idea about a dapp like Gamee on TELOS blockchain.

What is Gamee?
Gamee is a social media application that contains many simple and minimalistic games. Players in this application play those games and score, following each others, comment on other players score and more .
You can see Gamee HERE. As you can see this application has about 5M installs.

We can create a dapp like Gamee on TELOS blockchain.
Now please share your opinions about this.

  • Max Infeldicon58StrangerJan 30, 00:57
    Gamee is very impressive! I think a lot of its success is because it's on Telegram, which is super easy to engage. I think overlaying token use with the existing games is a good strategy. So users pays 1 Telos then if they get in a leaderboard they can get paid out if someone can't beat em.

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I would play a Telos Gamee - good idea H.


  • hossainiiricon85StrangerJan 29, 13:51
    I think Gamee is working with Telegram, when Telegram introduces its cryptocurrency Gamee would add GRAM to the app, Just I think.

Ha, a Telos game sounds good. Anything that brings and holds users. The app in the Playstore has good reviews.

Is implementing Telos in the app a lot of work?

Nothing to see yet