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Don't you think that Peeranha can utilize a blockchain project such as Reviewhunt to expose PEER?

I discovered that Reviewhunt has been launched and currently only Bitcoin is accepted as payment module. Don't you think Peeranha.io can collaborate with Reviewhunt to expose PEER by setting simple tasks? Don't you think it would be beneficial to TLOS and the Telos blockchain generally?

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Yes in fact I suggest that you take telos to SteemHunt and get their HUNT token , which should b e on steem engine, to be pegged to Telos

someguy123 working on the eosio token creation automated system for steem engine now

I really hope we can get steemhunt HUNt on Telos by way of steem engine and the HUNt peopel ready to use telos AND steem. Telos HUNT is a great way to expand from peeranha into reviews.... good thinking . We can have a telos Peg of HUNT made

Reviewhunt will be a very useful tool in promoting PEER.

So, I think it will be wise to collaborate with reviewhunt.

Thank you for the heads up

I think it would be a good idea and smart step to take in promoting PEER. To even increase participation, rewards and prizes could be attached.

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