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telos governance

I've met some talented, some noble charactered people, through blockchain. Some put in large effort and passion into telos. They truly deserve to be a top block producer. How can telos, prevent large exchanges from pushing well deserving bp's out of top slots.

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Telos governance clearly states that people may only vote with tokens that they are the beneficial owners of. Therefore, exchanges cannot vote on behalf of their users. We have explained this to the exchanges listing TLOS tokens and none have wished to act counter to the chain's governance documents. People understand that the Telos BPs are serious about legitimate enforcement of the Telos rules. We had our first enforcement action about ten minutes after the mainnet activated and we have regularly kicked those who flaunt the rules. We are off to a very good start on this.

It is important to invest but more sustainable to invest on a project. I think those individuals need to invest on projects,

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