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What is the correct chain ID for Telos Testnet?

I see different chain IDs used for Telos Testnet in different sources:

  1. 1eaa0824707c8c16bd25145493bf062aecddfeb56c736f6ba6397f3195f33c9f
  2. e17615decaecd202a365f4c029f206eee98511979de8a5756317e2469f2289e3

Which one of these two is correct?

Are there multiple Telos Testnets?

Answers 2

The chain ID for the current Telos testnet (sometimes called Basho) is: 1eaa0824707c8c16bd25145493bf062aecddfeb56c736f6ba6397f3195f33c9f

You can confirm this here: https://telos-test.bloks.io/chain

The other chain ID was for the previous incarnation (Aristotle) which ran for over a year before being retired.

I would like to refer you to telos testnet telegram. You can get a lot of information there. i will also share this link to help you,https://github.com/EOSIO/eos

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