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How are you enjoying the recent bitcoin pump?

Recently, the price of BTC has been on the rising side and many who made investments are smiling.

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I just hope it's increase in price causes a pump on altcoins like Steem, TLOS

I am hodling some bitcoin. I don't have choice but to enjoying the pump

Very excited about the development. So glad to see the altcoins grow along. 2020 will be a bull year for us here.

I do enjoy seeing Bitcoin rise but it mostly gives me joy to know that sound money is winning again. Literally a society pulling itself out of the black hole of unconstrained debt money. It makes me proud

Love it. Not quite as much as I'd love a TLOS pump tho.


  • Tomleeicon1,510ResidentJan 29, 12:01
    Same here. It will be great to see TLOS pumping
  • Douglas Hornicon1,574ResidentJan 29, 23:23
    I think that when the broader crypto community learns about the big leap in blockchain governance that Telos has made, we will start seeing more interest. Few people know anything about Telos now, but many who do are really excited about what we're doing. (This is not financial or investing advice.)

It will be interesting to see if this pump starts off a larger bull run over the next few months. Bitcoin has a lot of people invested in seeing it boom.

Nothing to see yet