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Goldencenser challenge #28. Who is your hero?

Jesus's first miracle was to turn water into wine, becoming a hero to the servants at the banquet. Similarly, Richard Bryan of TelosDAC did work quietly behind the scenes for Telos, delivering expertise and revelry. Remember our reluctant heroes.

There are many great heroes and the greatest of the all is our Lord Jesus Christ. Richard Bryan is also a great hero considering the great work he is doing behind the scenes. We also have many great heroes here on Telos, steemchurch, peeranha, etc

Who is your hero?

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My heroes are all the teachers who sacrifice their time and energy to teach, mould and produce people who will add value to life and humanity at large

My heroes are the Mums and Dads of the world who are working hard each and every day to put food on the table for their children and a roof over their heads. It may not seem like much, but these parents are setting an fine example for the next generation of well raised adults to follow.


Jesus is my number one hero and savior. As far as men, it would be hard to choose one. Anyone who sets moral boundaries, stands by them and isn't moved by peer pressure is a good start. I do like Paul the apostle, Peter, John. These were blessed men, who I think can be called hero's, and can safely be

There are many people who are capable of being heroes every day, but my hero is Jesus, the one who gave his life for all of us just for love.

My heroes are those facing persecutions for the sake of Christ and still stand firm. May God give us all the grace and strength to carry on even when we face persecution

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