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Which Blockchain powers Unbiased?

I'm curious to know which blockchain is behind Unbiased, just like I'm aware that it's Telos blockchain that is powering peeranha.io if I'm right.

Is it Telos that powers Unbiased?

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November, 2018-Nov-28 — The Telos Foundation announced that Unbiased, an incentivized social platform and search engine, is committed to deploy on the Telos Blockchain Network after its successful launch.

An active member of the blockchain ecosystem in Sweden, Unbiased and its partners have committed to working together with the Telos Foundation and the Telos community to grow the Telos ecosystem.


power unbiaes blockchain is telos network

Telos, of course. Same as Peeranha!

  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentJan 29, 03:41
    Thanks to this Hero of our dear Telos blockchain Mr. Douglas. I appreciate your answers. I’m ready to use these apps. Hope to good number of apps, dapps deploying on Telos continually.
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