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Any website to study about SEEDS?

Is SEEDS all about planting seed and preserving forests around the world?

Where can I obtain a comprehensive help about SEEDS?

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Yes, we've got the website www.joinseeds.com
But we've also got a number of articles on Medium for anyone who's looking to get into more detailed explanations of various queries:

I think the homepage sets you on the right track: https://joinseeds.com/

But I do not know exactly how the SEEDS tokens will be doled out. Perhaps the White Paper explains this in more

SEEDS is about creating a global regenerative civilization. So, there is a lot that goes into that! There are some ideas for campaigns to give Seeds (the currency) for planting seeds (plants) to help regrow native forests. But, this isn't the only way that people can earn Seeds.

The best part is, the Citizens themselves actually chose how to give out Seeds and for what campaigns.

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