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What are ways to onboard new users and Devs to telos?

What are ways to on board users and devs to Telos without the "Killer dapp" everyone seems to be waiting for? To become mainstream like everyone wants a more seamless onboarding process is required as well as a rich ecosystem. How can Telos improve onboarding in both aspects?

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The Telos Core Devs are working to improve, expand and clarify our documentation in the Telos Github repo.

We have brought on a great IDE (integrated developement environment) called Telos Studio.

We are making development of any governance features very easy with the Telos Decide code that not only powers Telos chain governance, but also is available to any dapp.

We are going to be opening up dStor to developers soon and plan to give preference in development help to Telos developers (with decentralized storage, it's hard to constrain it to a single chain, really. The same way you can't stop anyone from using Telos.)

The GoodGrant, Telos Foundation grants, and Telos Works funds provide some level of funding to developers which is always at a premium. Together with this, we are really trying to help dapps deployed on Telos grow quickly. You can see that with Peeranha, for example. We even invite dapps to be in our booths at expos, etc and provide some marketing resources where we can. (It's usually a win for the dapp and Telos.)

I think that when developers realize all the extra features they get for free on Telos, plus opportunities for funding, marketing, and even onboarding users, they will see Telos as a great step in their success plan.

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