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Sentiment Tokens: What & When?

What are the Sentiment Tokens? When are they coming to Telos??

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In short, Sentiment Tokens are the blockchain equivalent of LIKEs on social media but more powerful. Unlike economic tokens, the person whose account they are on don't really control them. That means you can't remove DISTRUST, from other people, for example (but you can get your friends to send a lot of TRUST to offset it).

You can read more about Sentiment Tokens here: https://medium.com/@goodblock_info/introducing-sentiment-tokens-3bbf26360d0b

Sentiment Tokens will be here long before the Drakos Keep dragons. (for good or for bad) They are actually working now, but we need interfaces for them so that people can easily send them and see them. This is in the works now.

So basically, the sentiment tokens LIKE/DISLIKE and TRUST/DISTRUST are good to go now. The contracts are running and the server needed to support them is as well. They're awaiting wallets and explorers to show them. I expect Sqrl will be first with this, but Telos mobile wallet and CoolX wallet have also expressed plans to integrate these. I would love to see Scatter, EOSX, bloks, and EOSAuthority explorers, among others, also show them. But I think that in the end, we need to be able to show them off on one wallet first so that people can really wrap their heads around them. Then they'll get it and we'll see a lot more tools incorporating them.

The mythical Sentiment okens are as elusive as the legendary Drakos Keep dragons. Everyone believes they are coming and even believe they may of seen one. But nobody really knows if they will ever arrive. 😂


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