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What do you think about having a "Pin question" feature on peeranha.io?

I think it would be cool to have a "pin question" feature to help communities trend an important question or guide question for the community.

What do you think?

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hmmmmmmmm 🤔.... interesting question Resident II.

Wouldn't this mean there needs to be community admins? I guess there should be community admins eventually.

Bet it is on the Peeranha List of Possibilities.


The first ever resident of Peeranha!

I think it would be great for more security within the same community. very

That would really be a nice idea!

I think it would be

It is important to have that feature at least to guide new users on how the community works, like Sirknight says, everything is possible here on peeranha.io.

Not a bad idea, but I would prefer that questions can be floated to the top via an average "pin score" that only long-time users can assign. In adjunct with this, users can have the ability to make pinned questions invisible (or according to a threshold score) if they want to via a setting in their user profile. That way new users can see relevant questions and experienced users don't have to scroll past a heap of pinned questions to read new content.

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