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Is Steemchurch community the biggest or most important on peeranha?

I wish all communities here on peeranha would show off their strength of humanity and engagement. Steemchurch seems to be doing well.

It's beautiful to produce already the first two Residents of Peeranha 😅

What do you think?

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Yeah brother, Steemchurch is the most important community. This is because though we are a part of other communities, we landed on peeranha from the umbrella of Steemchurch. We are a mother to all. Now, we have successfully presented first four Resident on Peeranha,

If I was not so humble I would probably say 'YES' Resident II.

However, I should also keep in mind that I am part of all the other communities too. So I would kind of be insulting myself whilst bragging, to myself. 🤪Weird.



First and most important resident of Peeranha!

I don't know if we are the first community in statistics, but I am very happy to know that we are the first to encourage participation and solidarity everywhere, we are examples.

Peeranha.io is knowledge based Q&A website, I'm happy to see many communities joining.

All communities here are important as they handle different questions from different aspects of life.

I'm glad that SteemChurch community is here helping those that have questions concerning church, family, faith, freedom etc.

Congratulation to SteemChurch for producing the first 2 peeranha.io residents.

With what I'm seeing, SteemChurch is creating big impact which is the reason for their success in peeranha.oi, maybe because of their vast membership across the globe, or because of their commitment in attending to people's questions.

I also observed that parishioners of SteemChurch are not discriminative in nature; they spread themselves across other communities at peeranha.io trying to know more about other topics like blockchain, Bitcoin, Telos, peeranha.io, Unbiased, etc.


I can only tell that the peeranha.io platform is excited and pleased to have us

Yes, the community is excellent and I hope that more communities continue to join

Nothing to see yet