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How to get more investors to Telos?

Telos is growing day by day but we need more investors to come onboard.
What are the ways or strategies to get more investors to Telos?

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I totally agree with you Peeranha1. We need more investors in Telos and the only way is to let them see the benefits in Telos

We don't necessarily need more investors P1 - as we don't need capital to fund operating expenses.

If however you are talking about investors buying TLOS merely to boost the price - encourage everyone you know to dollarcost average in.

Even a few dozen people buying $200 per week would get the price moving upwards.

And they would be setting themselves up with thousands of tokens in the world's best blockchain.


DEVELOPERS!!! (One word)

Make it easy for developers to on-board and assist in their own development, as sadly theres just not enough of them to go around

this is what B1 is trying to do. Good thing, is we are all on EOSIO software.

Build , BUILD and investors will come

I have some hope that Telos could become the next 'go-to' chain for token projects. This because of free onboarding (accounts) and (limited) free transactions.

All the projects on Ethereum that essentially use it for token transactions have to deal with the 2-token structure of their proposition (ETH in order to pay for Gas for making transactions, and the token specific to the project). And users have to set up and work with relatively complicated software (Metamask in a specific browser; mobile restrictions).

This could be brought back to a simple 'click and go' proposition for the average user by offering (limited) free onboarding and token transfer services.

If Telos would have existed during the ICO hype, the world would have been a different place now.

Moreinvestors would come to Telos when we onboard many of our friends. We do not know whom will become an investor.

Constant advertising on social networks is a very important factor that should not be neglected at any time, for my part I am doing my Telos Blockchain promotions on twitter incorporating the tag, #investors.

Can you please clarify what kind of investors your referring to? Investors in TLOS or investors in projects on Telos?

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