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Why making babies when they are being neglected?

My life has been about different experiences on dangers facing children around the world, but I can comfortably reference Africa where I reside. I see children being abandoned as a result of hardship and neglect from some government.

I as a widow have been able to raise hundreds of abandoned children.

Is it right to continue making these children when it is obvious in many cases that we do not have the capacity to raise them?

For me, I think it safer to remain without biological children than making babies to be abandoned to their fate. I rather take in abandoned children and give them life than trying to breed extra biological offspring that will be deprived of good living.

What do your think, please advise parent, and youths who are growing to such stage of making families.


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This is very unfortunate and very sad indeed.
Wisdom demands that you cut your clothe to your size. I mean to make children in proportion to your capability to take care of them.

Again this is where a working government comes in with social welfare programs.

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