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What is the best way to promote Peeranha.io?

We don't have to enjoy this beautiful place alone. We have to invite our friends to join us. How do you intend to promote Peeranha.io?

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We have to promote Peeranha in every good way possible and on every Social Media Platform we are a part of.

Peeranha.io is a decentralized platform, it belongs to us all and we must all go out to promote it. The best way to promote it is to combine different promoting strategies and people understand the benefits of the platform

  • Social media promotions
  • Organizing tasks with rewards pool

I think Peeranha sells itself once users make an account and try it. That's why I created the micro-contest to bring in more users. That seemed like a pretty successful test and we can try a more formal approach soon.

If dapps and communities can embed Peeranha into their own web sites (with links back) then it makes a great live FAQ page for these groups that will also extend beyond the current site.

Finally, I think a mobile app version of Peeranha would be fantastic. Of course, this is more labor intensive. Hopefully Peeranha will get some investment so they can do all of these things plus some straight up marketing and advertising with a budget.

Yes by using social media, to spread the word.

By social media promotions.

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