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What is your rating of peeranha.io within these weeks of your engagement?

I think Peeranha.io is getting to it's six weeks on the Telos blockchain. What is your rating of your use of the DApp.

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Peeranha is simply amazing. First, the strength of peeranha is that everyone has equal opportunity to grow unlike what we had during the musing.io times where whales took advantage to plunder the system.

My rating of Peeranha which is still in the formative days is a 70%

The team is really doing a great work.

What do you mean by rating? if it is the rating
Rating point is visible to everyone and can be seen by the side of the account name.

I'll rate it at 65 on a scale of 100.

As the first version of a good use-case social media DApp, I'll give it 4/5 stars.

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