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IBC - How will this change the value proposition of Telos?

When there are methods to transmit standardized tokens cross chains, and in the distant future possibly sharing resources cross EOSIO chain, I'm curious where you think the value of Telos would be. Will Telos be preferred for specific activity? I understand it's too early to know, just curious of your thoughts.

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IBC functionality between - let's say - EOS and Telos could bring increased liquidity for the Telos Network. EOS or EOS value tokens could be used on the Telos Network as well to pay for dApps or other activities on the Telos Network. It would unlock Telos as 'sister' chain of EOS for EOS/EOS-token holders and, as such, would bring additional opportunities for developers to bring projects to Telos instead of EOS.

But this advantage would become available for other 'sister' chains as well. So the unique features of Telos would remain the core proposition.

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