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What are some low hanging fruit needed to build in Telos?

Very curious what the community thinks of needed to be built. I see great ideas in the space but what's actually needed and what can be accepted

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I dare say we are passed the low hanging fruit stage. Wallets, explorers and exchanges are most important and they are done. Gets a bit more complicated now, but I will try.

  • Games.
  • Logistics platforms.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Banking & finance integration.
  • Insurance platforms.
  • Asset backed tokens.
  • Social media. (thanks Peeranha)
  • Decentralised data storage (dStor coming)
  • Decentralised video and streaming.

However, if you are looking for some simpler ideas -

  • Telos Diaries.
  • Telos Calendars.
  • Telos Contacts.

Something more fun... Telos Golf App - record your strokes forever on the blockchain.

Cheers Max and welcome to Peeranha.


I second this one 'Banking & finance integration'. We are about to see a wave of service providers offering bank cards for spending fiat, while offering services tied to the card platform to change all kinds of cryptocurrencies into fiat (and vice versa). Plutus.it, Crypto.com (CDC) and others are launching in Europe as we speak with CDC even building up an entire exchange that will be brought into their app environment at some point.

I don't think that Telos can afford not being part of the group of cryptocurrencies brought into those environments. Those projects will bring new cryptocurrency users who's first (and perhaps only) interaction with cryptocurrency will be via that app/environment. Nothing else.

Of course, there are other points needed to make Telos succeed, but the fiat bridge will be a very important one to go a step beyond the geeks.

Very impressed with the quality answers on this post! Thank you Sir Knight and Wekkel

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