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Proposal to Update Telos Works, hich will you vote for?

Proposals to Update Telos Works

The Telos Works work proposal system has been a clear success for Telos, allowing the Telos token holders to vote on funding all manner of development, marketing, and user acquisition proposals. However, there has been discussion in the Telos community about increasing the standard for passage from the initial figures of 5% voter participation and 50% majority to something more stringent. These values were created before the system was live as a best guess of what might be appropriate with the understanding that the Telos voters would have opportunities to adjust this through the Telos amendment process. With the Telos Works system passing 100 proposals, this seems like an excellent time for Telos users to consider what we’ve learned about Telos Works voting and consider making some adjustments.
For the past two weeks, we have discussed this topic in various Telos discussion groups to gauge the community feeling on the matter. It comes as no surprise that the thoughts are quite varied, from no changes needed to very stringent passage requirements and many shades between. For this reason, I propose multiple competing proposals at various degrees of change occurring simultaneously.
I propose submitting three proposals of increasing stringency (the fourth option, to leave the system as is, will be the result if none of these proposals reach the required passage threshold for a Telos Amend.) Each of these proposes to alter the language of clauses 27 and 28 of the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement (TBNOA) as follows:

Proposal A:
Increase the voter participation from 5% to 20% of voteable tokens.

Proposal B:
Increase the voter participation from 5% to 20% of voteable tokens and increase the passage requirement from >50% Yes vs No votes (excluding Abstain votes) to >55%.

Proposal C:
Increase the voter participation from 5% to 20% of voteable tokens and increase the passage requirement from >50% Yes vs No votes (excluding Abstain votes) to >65%.
Each of these proposals will also increase the threshold of votes required to receive the submission deposit from 0.1% of voteable tokens to 5%.
Because the proposals are additive in their increased difficulty of passage, if more than one Telos Amend proposals is approved, then the most stringent of the approved proposals will be enacted, not the one that receives the greatest amount of votes. For example, if both Proposal A and Proposal B pass the Telos Amend voting requirements, Proposal B would be enacted even if Proposal A receives more votes overall.

Voters should be aware that they can (and should) vote Yes, No, or Abstain on all three proposals.

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This is plagiarism CryptoBoy. This was the Telegram post of Douglas Horn. Plagiarism is frowned upon at Peeranha and generally everywhere else. Please don't do this again.


  • CryptoBoyicon30StrangerJan 28, 15:29
    Sorry to have offended you SirKnight. And yes this is Doug's post, but that dosent mean that I can't ask the question here. I have never claimed to have written this. By the way this is me trying this platform out, so take a cup of tea and relax for a bit.
  • Douglas Hornicon1,574ResidentJan 29, 01:22
    I don't take offense. I think he's just giving context. It might have been better to just linked to the article, but in general, this is a great topic to discuss here on Peeranha and I don't think he's trying to claim credit for having written it--which is really the heart of plagiarism.

Also, these are just options that Douglas Horn is circulating to the community for feedback.

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