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How does peeranha want to reach the teaming masses out there?

Like i earlier said, i see peeranha.io as the avenue through which Telos blockchain would gain mass adoption. To achieve this, there must be a blogging or social media end to spread this message. Which socialmedia handle should peeranha adopt?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Steem
  • Medium
  • YouTube

Answers 4

Since Peeranha is blockchain related, STEEMIT would be the first it should adopt.

Secondly, Twitter would be a great tool in promoting peeranha considering the margin of engagement it has

All these social media and more should be adopted

Well , I think Steem and Twitter are good options. On steem, we also earn some encouragement for promoting peeranha.io, while Twitter would help trend the #peeranha tag.

Steemit reaches people who know about Blockchain platforms, it would be a good option.
We make contacts with friends through other social networks.

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