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Will telos reach $2.020 by end of 2020?

Question in the title! looking forward to feedback

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I wish telos reach $2.020 by the end of this year but it all depend on us. I see a lot of people getting TLOS through WP, sharing it among friends and dumping which is not healthy for our dear Telos.
We also need more investors, many people claim to promote telos by bringing in people that will collect free telos and eventually dump. we need our promotion to be geared towards investors, people that will come and invest in telos

No, I don't think so. The only thing that could make that happen is another crazy leg upwards in Bitcoin with an ensuing altcoin

I so wish that TLOS may grow even above $2 by the end of the year 2020. This is year is very strategic for Cryptocurrency and we are seeing Bitcoin grow so dear which would spike the growth of other tokens.

I cannot say or predict for sure but what I do know is that TLOS will certainly grow beyond our expectations in the said year. Howbeit, it is dependent on us to promote and attract investors

Anything is possible if WPS isses get fixed and dapps begin to move to telos.

My crystal ball is a little foggy on $2.020 for 2020, but says $20.21 is a strong possibility for 2021.


Nothing to see yet