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Voting for questions.

If one likes a Peeranian and their question enough to answer them - shouldn't one take the time to give them a 'Like'?

When did we become so bitter that we would not want to see our friends get ahead?

We are Christians and we seek to empower our kin... do we not?

When in need of guidance, think of Jesus. Would he hold others back for personal gain? Of course not.

Any question that this Knight answers gets an upvote. Because this is the right thing to do.


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It is a sad experience Sirknight. Truly, it amazes me how some behaviour. It may shock you that as at the time I am replying to this your question, you already got 6 answers , yet only 5 votes. To me, our growth does not deter another.

I think that even answers given by other could also earn our likes if they are good. But sometimes, this is not the case. Few days ago, peeranha temporary suspended my account because I was giving out too many likes, even when my account was yet to reach 24 hours.

I can't stop appreciating other for this is what makes us happy.

God bless you for raising this question.

In this we differentiate ourselves from the world, making use of the power of agreement and solidarity between brothers, we come to serve, to serve love, goodness, justice, we are what we wear the footwear of the gospel of peace. Thank you for reminding us of the task.

It is always good to live the brothers together in harmony, doing with others as we like to be done with us. Excellent question Sirknight.

Wonderful text, that's what we're here for, to help each other in love, tolerance and respect, without selfishness with the example of Jesus.

You are on point SK. Honestly I thought along that line. If you lead by example we should follow with example. Not considering ourselves more highly than others. Me noted.

Thanks for reminding us about this again. I've talked about this on Telegram before, I know that many of us are just forgetful to use that like button, I myself falls victim, why wouldn't I desire the best for my brother when our master has commanded us to esteem other brothers?

I believe we are beginning to understand how peeranha.io works, and it'll be good for us to utilize the tools well for maximum benefit.

I'll also tell my neighbors about this

Nice point there brother SK! We have all come to learn, I didn't know it really mattered. Well noted.

Thank you Sirknight for raising this important concern. I hope our parishioners learn and we all grow together.

Uyobong, Second Resident of Peeranha 😃

Good reminder!

We rise by lifting others. Thanks for telling us again how it works. I

Yeah we all need each other to get to the top, one like to someone's questions or answers wont reduce your reputation..

We are Christian so lets live by example.

Thanks so much SK for this reminder, i think at some point i was a victim

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