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One day BTC will be $100 000. each. The question is How much will a cup of coffee cost at the time?

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Central banks are propping up stock markets while world dept is increasing. Another crash is coming which will be far more severe then in 2008. Hyper inflation may have kicked in as money starts to pour into Bitcoin.

Or will it be years for Bitcoin to hit this price that the yearly 10% "real" inflation, would have made every day shopping assentials, really expensive............

So how much will a cup of coffee "cost" when Bitcoin hit $100 000 each?

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My best guess is that a cup of coffee still costs about the same. Looking at where we are now, $100k BTC isn't that far away. It could even happen in 2020, so I am not inclined to only see this possible in an endrutng inflation scenario.

  • Without a crystal ball, we can only guesstimate the right answer. I marked this the best only because it's the same as my biased view. Time will tell.

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with the $100,000 BTC premise, due to all the blockchain competition, I do agree that hyper-inflation of the US dollar is merely a couple of years away. So a cup of coffee might be worth $US100 one day and $US125 the next.

However, I would suggest that were this to start happening, we might quickly get a run of new nationalized cryptocurrencies released, probably backed by gold. A currency reset so to speak.

Again, more competition for Bitcoin.


  • I agree with your comment on the reset! It’s just a matter of time before Governments release their own cryptocurrencies as they will have more control. It will kill the black market making tax evasion harder. No more will you get the hotdog seller, selling a thousand hotdogs a day, yet declaring five hundred to the taxman. You won’t be able to give the gardener fifty quid for some odd jobs without him declaring either. The taxman will rake in billions in extra taxes and have the extra power to screw people further by introducing negative interest rates. Governments have introduced this to firstly steal off the public who leave their cash in banks and to motivate people to spend. In Japan a lot of people have taken cash out of banks to hide under their mattress, going cashless will stop this. Maybe at this point Governments will try to ban/control/restrict other crypto’s.
  • Ran out of space, ^_^. Second half. Before the above happens I think there will be many pension fund managers and hedge funds that will see Bitcoin as a “Digital Commodity” Taking fundamentals into account they could justify investing in BTC and maybe a few others, but all of the many others won’t get a look in.

Given the picture you painted , I think it is not all that easy to say how much a cup of coffee would be. However, a cup of coffee and other items will be in proportion to the rate of inflation.

  • For sure! And there’s thousands of pictures, one could paint, let alone the possibility of a virus effecting coffee beans, hence the price. ^_^ Looking forward to see how the BTC halving goes in May and the rest of the year. ONE THING I DO KNOW IS THAT I AM HODLing.
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