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What do you want to have with God, a bond or a relationship?

We have always seen and heard say: I want to have a relationship with God, and not only with him, we also apply it to people. However, these days I was very impressed with the connection we can have with some people, so the Holy Spirit responded in this way: There is a difference between a relationship and a link, relationships are those that unite us or separate us from someone , but a link our souls and spirits are connected through love, and it is eternal, and led me to this passage:
John 10: 30-33 New International Version (NIV)
30 I and the Father are one.
Here Jesus claims to have a bond with the Father, there I understood that what unites us to Jesus is not a finite relationship is a bond, we are one with him.
From now on, will it activate its link with the creator or will it only relate to it?

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I am happy with my bond thank you Apostle Darlenys. Relationships can be easily weakened and broken - a bond cannot


Love is the perfect link, and this is what unites us to our creator, revealed word.

To BOND is to have a higher level of relationship. God deserves not just a mere relationship with his children. Bonding, Yes that is what I desire with God and thats what I work on daily.
Thank you for this question dear sister in Christ.

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