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Goldencencer challenge #28 (Question) why will the pure in heart see God?

b16e2ca8Jan 27, 2020 01:42:08 PM

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When Jesus saw the crowds on the Mount, he sat down and began to teach. Beatitude 6 - 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.' [Matthew 5:8 NIV].

Jesus' teaches here that; it is not our works, labour or our self righteousness that will make us see God!
The heart of man is naturally unclean; nor is it in the power of man to make it clean, or to be pure from his sin; nor is any man in this life, in such sense, so pure in heart, as to be entirely free from sin.
Purity of heart is true of christians whose iniquities are all of them forgiven, and whose hearts are sprinkled with the blood of Jesus, which cleanses from all sin. Those who have the grace of God wrought in their hearts, which, though as yet imperfect, it is entirely pure; there is not the least spot or stain of sin in it: and such souls as they are in love with, so they most earnestly desire after more purity of heart, lip, life, and conversation. And happy they are,for they shall see God! Our hearts is what the Lord is after!

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God is always after our inward parts, but it's sad that many care more about mere religion and rituals over the building of their inner man.

Men love to be seen and admired outwardly, even some prefer dwelling on white clothes and specially designed outfits as a symbol of their purity and holiness, thats is good but God doesn't count the outward appearance alone, he cares much on the inward.

Being pure in the heart also points us to the benefits of the blood of Christ which alone according to the Hebrew's writer could purify our consciences from dead works. For this reason it's important that men give heed to the gospel of salvation which through can a man obtain a pure heart by the blood of sprinkling.

Thanks for this lovely question dear Constance.

  • Indeed our outword appearances doesn't matter much to God, but our inward makeups which is shown by the content of our hearts! Thanks brother.

It is a difficult but not impossible task, the integrity of the heart is something valuable for God although we are all sinners having a simple heart and willing to be used by him makes a difference, so we must keep our hearts, renewing our thoughts through The word every day.

Pure hearts those who love justice and the truth that is the verb Jesus, will see God.

Comparing scripture with scripture, the pure in heart could also mean one being holy.

The bible also said in Hebrews 12:14

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.

To your question: Why will the pure in heart see the Lord? It is because God himself is pure (Holy)

Deep calleth for deep.

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