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Who has confidence in blockchain technology?

From my point of view, those who trust in blockchain are those who believe in the decentralization of financial systems. And you What do you think?? Do you have confidence in the Blockchain?

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Yes - I believe that public blockchains are a way for the masses to assume responsibility for financial systems and bring sound money back to the world. However not all blockchains are created equal.

A blockchain is only as good as it coding, governance and the quality of BPs / miners who run it. As far as these metrics go, Telos is a world leader. Stick with Telos and you will go far Lady Alicargofer.


  • Evegraceicon1,761ResidentJan 28, 09:04
    Great words of hope Sirknight. Thank you for being our touch bearer.
  • alicargofericon474NewbieJan 28, 22:42
    Sure, I will continue with Telos, with Steemchurch and Peerahna, where the best place to share with the brothers of other countries about the word of God. I appreciate knowing you SK, you have. With this humble servant. I hope to grow with you. and go far together.

I have 100% confidence in blockchain. Blockchain will solve the problems of the world and with this great technology, the world will be a better place

If we are here now, it is because we have confidence in the blockchaim, and that the decentralization lives, that the economy of the future lives.

You mention decentralization. Yes! This is where the power to take decisions is not in the hands of selected few. This is blockchain. Why not. I have confidence in blockchain.

In crypto and freedom with responsibility we trust ;)

Decentralisation is happening 100%, it is just question of time.

I personally believe that blockchain has a future for humanity. This is why I am building my personal project @Blesstheorphan on the blockchain. I hope that Telos would support a charity project on it's chain.

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