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Have you felt the power of God's mercy?

Brethren I tell you that Yes, in my case If I have felt the power of God's mercy, when you think that God has abandoned you, that is when it is closest to you. That is why we should rejoice at the sensory loss of God's presence and the loss of spiritual comfort, for even if you do not believe it is the mercy of God that invites us to obedience and follow his path, and gives us the opportunity to love and serve even if not sentim you will have no immediate comfort, for only in this way will our love grow and strengthen in the pure mercy of God.

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This is what I see everyday of my life, God's mercies are new every morning, and great is His faithfulness.

His mercies has found us a Church even on blockchain where we can also build our most holy faith even as it goes well with our souls Amen.

I have certainly felt the power of God's mercy and it saved all those I treasure. One does never forget the feeling and remains grateful for all eternity.


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