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Restrictions on community creation

Hi everyone. I just want to ask what are the restrictions in creating communities aside from reaching 500 ratings? I have not reached 500 ratings yet but I am want to make sure that I am doing the right thing when I do get to suggest communities.

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Besides reaching 500 rating points there some rules before creating a community.

  • You need an image that will be the face of community;
  • Specify a memorable title;
  • Community description should be concise and have a clear description for its users;
  • Describe how this community will attract the attention of other users and collect votes;
  • You are required to specify at least 5 main tags but not more than 25 with a description;

After all the required steps are done the community is going to be put to the vote and in case if it gets 100 positive votes, the community will be created.
Make sure your community is going to be useful and meets all the requirements. 35 negative votes from users are required to delete the community from voting and you'll also lose 150 rating points.

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