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Nodejs module for Chronicle -

Dear Mr cc32dnineexp

I write with respect to your Worker Proposal 'Nodejs module for Chronicle'.

I am told by Telos Block Producers that this proposal of yours has merit and would benefit Telos.

Following the progress of the voting on Chainspector I note that some of the community are now voicing their concerns in regards to the cost of this development to Telos.

If I remember correctly, you had previous proposals fail because of community concerns expressed about the cost.

The community might also recall that once before you graciously returned WP funds received for work that was no longer necessary.

There are 5 days to go before voting closes. To alleviate community concerns, would you be willing to accept a reduced hourly rate in a bid to win over voters? Perhaps a promise to accept 80,000 TLOS and return 20,000 would satisfy voters.

Yours sincerely.


Does the Peeranha community believe a reduction in price is warranted, or should we be doing more to get this proposal passed as is?

Nothing to see yet