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Does Peeranha have a referral program?

I think a referral program is an effective way to incentivize people to share knowledge about the site. Peeranha needs a large and diverse userbase to be able to accommodate every inquiry from the wider blockchain community.

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We are currently working on it. Join our Telegram channel, we announce our new features there.

Referral program is not available yet but will soon be available as promised

No it doesn't - but perhaps it should. Regardless, plenty of SteemChurch parishioners will be coming.


I think there are plans to have one in the future. I a not quite sure though if the person who made that comment is speaking on behalf of the peeranha team. I think a referral program would be great for the platform to a certain degree that is. The challenge would be how to on-board real people and not dummy accounts that seek to "game" the referral program.

Nothing to see yet